Brightway is a Python software package. It can be installed using the Python package installer pip or the multi-language package management system conda. This guide uses conda.


Brightway supports Python 2 and 3 (>3.4). However, we recommend you use Python 3.



  1. A working installation of Conda

  2. Basic knowledge of Conda environments

  3. Basic knowledge of the difference between brightway2 and brightway 25

  1. Create a new Conda environment (in this example named bw):

conda create -n bw -c cmutel brightway25 jupyterlab
  1. Activate the environment:

conda activate bw


You will need to activate this environment every time you start a new terminal or command line shell.

Brightway runs natively on Unix (x64) systems, including Linux distributions and macOS.

Brightway runs natively on Windows (x64) systems, including Windows 7-11. Please additionally install pywin32:

conda install pywin32

Brightway runs natively on the new Apple Silicon ARM architecture.

Upgrading Brightway#

Brightway is being actively developed, with frequent new releases. To upgrade Brightway:

conda update conda
conda update -c conda-forge brightway