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Learning Brightway#


To download backup html and ipynb files, right-click and choose save file as.


This notebook provides a basic introduction to Brightway2 functionality, including importing and using the FORWAST database. After you go through the introduction notebook, you are ready to start exploring, and the manual will try to help you when you get lost.

Brightway2 seminar#

A Brightway2 seminar was held in Zürich in 2017, and the teaching material is available.

Example notebooks#

In general, this manual tells you what to do; the notebooks tell you how to do it. Here are some example notebooks showing various themes:

Parameterized inventories {#parameterized-notebooks}#

Importing data: example notebooks {#example-io-notebooks}#

Importing data can be difficult, due to data incompatibilities between different software implementations. Here are some notebooks that show the steps needed to import various databases.

Contributed notebooks#

This section will highlight notebooks from people using or exploring Brightway2. Please email Chris Mutel if you have something to add!