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Importer for SimaPro CSV LCIA data format.

class bw2io.importers.simapro_lcia_csv.SimaProLCIACSVImporter(filepath, biosphere=None, delimiter=';', encoding='latin-1', normalize_biosphere=True)[source]#

Bases: bw2io.importers.base_lcia.LCIAImporter

Inheritance diagram of bw2io.importers.simapro_lcia_csv.SimaProLCIACSVImporter

Importer for SimaPro CSV LCIA data format.

  • filepath (str) – Path to the SimaPro CSV LCIA file.

  • biosphere (str, optional) – Name of the biosphere database to use. Default is None, which uses the current project’s default biosphere.

  • delimiter (str, optional) – Delimiter used in the CSV file. Default is ‘;’.

  • encoding (str, optional) – Character encoding used in the CSV file. Default is ‘latin-1’.

  • normalize_biosphere (bool, optional) – Whether to normalize biosphere flows using the included strategies. Default is True.


This importer extracts SimaPro CSV LCIA data.

If normalize_biosphere=True, the following strategies are applied:

  • normalize_units

  • set_biosphere_type

  • normalize_simapro_biosphere_categories

  • normalize_simapro_biosphere_names

format = 'SimaPro CSV LCIA'[source]#