Source code for bw2io.extractors.json_ld

import json
from pathlib import Path

[docs]FILES_TO_IGNORE = { "context.json", "layout.json", }
[docs]DIRECTORIES_TO_IGNORE = { "bin", }
[docs]class JSONLDExtractor(object): """Extract JSON-LD from a directory. Attributes ---------- FILES_TO_IGNORE: set Files to ignore when extracting JSON-LD data. DIRECTORIES_TO_IGNORE: set Directories to ignore when extracting JSON-LD data. """ @classmethod
[docs] def extract(cls, filepath, add_filename=True): """ Extracts JSON-LD data from the filepath. Parameters ---------- filepath : str or Path The path of the directory from which data will be extracted add_filename : bool, optional Add the name to the extracted data. By default, True. Returns ------- dict A dictionary with the extracted JSON-LD data. Raises ------ ValueError If the file is not a zip archive. NotImplementedError If extraction of zip archives is not yet supported. """ def adder(data, filepath, add_filename): """ Adds the filename to the extracted data. Parameters ---------- data : dict The extracted data. filepath : Path The path of the file from which the data was extracted. add_filename : bool Add the filename to the extracted data. Returns ------- dict The extracted data with the filename added (if add_filename = True). """ if not add_filename: return data else: data["filename"] = str(filepath) return data filepath = Path(filepath) if filepath.is_file(): if not filepath.suffix == ".zip": raise ValueError( "File not supported:\n\t`%s` is a file but not a zip archive." ) else: raise NotImplementedError( "Extraction of zip archives not yet supported" ) else: assert filepath.is_dir() filepath = filepath.resolve() # Assume directory is one level deep data = { dict( sorted( [ ( fp.stem, adder( json.load(open(fp, encoding="utf-8")), fp, add_filename, ), ) for fp in directory.iterdir() if not in FILES_TO_IGNORE and not".") and "json" in fp.suffix.lower() ] ) ) for directory in filepath.iterdir() if directory.is_dir() and not in DIRECTORIES_TO_IGNORE } return data