Source code for bw2io.extractors.ecospold1_lcia

import os
import sys

import pyprind
from bw2data.utils import recursive_str_to_unicode
from lxml import objectify

    import psutil
[docs] monitor = True
except ImportError: monitor = False
[docs]def _to_unicode(data): if sys.version_info < (3, 0): return recursive_str_to_unicode(data) else: return data
[docs]class Ecospold1LCIAExtractor(object): """ Extract impact assessment methods and weightings data from ecospold XML format. Attributes: None Methods: extract: Extracts data from an ecospold XML file. parse_method: Parses the ecospold XML dataset to extract information. parse_cf: Parses an ecospold XML data element to extract characterization factor information. """ @classmethod
[docs] def extract(cls, path): """ Extracts ecospold XML file data. Parameters ---------- path : str The path to the ecospold XML file or directory. Returns ------- list A list of dictionaries with the extracted information. """ if os.path.isdir(path): files = [ os.path.join(path, name) for name in os.listdir(path) if name[-4:].lower() == ".xml" ] else: files = [path] pbar = pyprind.ProgBar( len(files), title="Extracting ecospold1 files:", monitor=monitor ) methods_data = [] for filepath in files: # Note that this is only used for the first root method found in # the file root = objectify.parse(open(filepath, encoding="utf-8")).getroot() for dataset in root.iterchildren(): methods_data.append(_to_unicode(cls.parse_method(dataset, filepath))) pbar.update(item_id=filepath[:15]) print(pbar) return methods_data
[docs] def parse_method(cls, ds, filepath): """ Parse and extract information from an ecospold XML dataset. Parameters ---------- ds : object The XML dataset. filepath : str The path to the XML file. Returns ------- dict A dictionary of the information extracted from the ecospold XML dataset. """ ref_func = ds.metaInformation.processInformation.referenceFunction return { "exchanges": [cls.parse_cf(o) for o in ds.flowData.iterchildren()], "description": ref_func.get("generalComment") or "", "filename": filepath, "name": ( ref_func.get("category"), ref_func.get("subCategory"), ref_func.get("name"), ), "unit": ref_func.get("unit") or "", }
[docs] def parse_cf(cls, cf): """ Parse a cf object and extract relevant data. Parameters ---------- cf : dict A dictionary of cf data. Returns ------- dict A dictionary of parsed cf data. Raises ------ TypeError If 'cf' is not a dictionary. Notes ----- This method expects 'cf' to contain the following keys: - meanValue (float): the amount - category (str): the category - subCategory (str, optional): the subcategory, if any - name (str): the name - unit (str): the unit of the amount If `subCategory` is not provided, it will default to `None`. """ data = { "amount": float(cf.get("meanValue")), "categories": (cf.get("category"), cf.get("subCategory") or None), "name": cf.get("name"), "unit": cf.get("unit"), } return data