Source code for bw2data.filesystem

import hashlib
import os
import re

[docs]re_slugify = re.compile(r"[^\w\s-]", re.UNICODE)
[docs]def create_dir(dirpath): "Create directory tree to `dirpath`; ignore if already exists" if not os.path.isdir(dirpath): os.makedirs(dirpath)
[docs]def check_dir(directory): """Returns ``True`` if given path is a directory and writeable, ``False`` otherwise.""" return os.path.isdir(directory) and os.access(directory, os.W_OK)
[docs]def md5(filepath, blocksize=65536): """Generate MD5 hash for file at `filepath`""" hasher = hashlib.md5() fo = open(filepath, "rb") buf = while len(buf) > 0: hasher.update(buf) buf = return hasher.hexdigest()